KY State Speciality License plate to Honor POW-MIA's

Rolling Thunder® Chapters in Kentucky have worked with State Rep Johnny Bell to get approved a State Specialty License Plate for your car or motorcycle to Honor Prisoners of War and Missing In Action. A portion of the plates cost will go into a fund for Rolling Thunder® Chapters to give back to needy veterans of Kentucky. We will to have sale 900 plates in advanced before the state will print the plates. We need an application and $25.00 cash or check, once we have 900 applications in hand we will turn them into state and the license plates will mailed to your local clerk’s office to be picked up an additional $5.00 to pick up plate. If we should not get the 900 plates we will refund all money back to the individual. Getting the 900 applications could take a few months to achieve. For an application contact any member of any Chapter of Rolling Thunder® or call 270-646-8603 Jimmie Dixon President or email me at and I will email or mail an application.